MASCDCS was founded in 1957 by Art Peck and King Moore who led the club until 1971. At the first meeting everyone invited and present were proclaimed, "Members of the Board." Everyone who joined after that date are titled, "Only a Vice President." In 1971, Austie Clark and Bruce Wennerstrom took over MASCDCS leadership until Austie's passing in 1991. Bruce and Genia Wennerstrom carried on the famed club until Genia left us in 2011. Bruce was the lone "Top Bastard" until his passing in 2015. In late 2015, the Wennerstrom children took over the leadership of the club.

Speakers and members of MASCDCS have included: Janet Guthrie, Bobby Rahal, Syd Sylverman, Danny Sullivan, Karl Ludvigsen, David Hobbs, William Jeanes, Jean Lindamood Jennings, Brock Yates, Bob Sharp, Scott Sharp, Jack Baldwin, David E. Davis, Jr., John Fitch, Jaques Vaucher, Luigi Chinetti, Luigi (CoCo) Chinetti, Danny Panoz, Andrew Frankel, Oscar Koveleski, Walter Cronkite, Vince Sardi, Briggs Cunningham, Butch Leitzinger, Edsel Ford, Bob Grossman, Sam Posey, Jim Haynes, Skip Barber, Wayne Carini, Tommy Kendall, Lee Holman, Leigh Diffey, Denise McLuggage, Judy Stropus, Murray Smith, Chuck Queener, Mike Spinelli, Tom duPont, Leigh & Leslie Keno, Scott Atherton, Reeves Callaway, Bob Varsha, Brian Vickers, Bryan Herta, Dr. Fred Simeone, Ray Evernham, Dutch Mandel, Jay Signore, Ron Fellows, Ken Gross, Michael Furman, Bob Tullius, Rob Ida, Miles Morris, Lance Miller and George Levy.

Club Leadership


McKeel Hagerty

Members of the Advisory Board:

Rupert Banner
Jim Donick
Joel Levin
*Robert Richer
Judy Stropus
Denis Tanney
Mary Wennerstrom
Leif Wennerstrom

* Original Member of the Board

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